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Friday, August 14, 2009

It’s important to keep putting one foot in front of the other during difficult days as well as good days so that you are consistently moving forward and not backward. If your life experience is anything like mine it’s possible that you hit a snag once in awhile. That snag may be small: you forgot your haircut appointment, or that snag could be huge: your doctor just delivered some bad news and you need surgery. Whatever the situation may be it’s imperative to surround yourself with encouragers, those people who lift you up in prayer, make you laugh when life is gloomy, and are willing to take you out to dinner and buy you a meal, or at least dessert.

Encouragement is a conscious act of sincere spirit boosting that if practiced daily will turn into a wonderful habit that others will appreciate. The smallest act of encouragement from my perspective is the smile. Yes, the smile. Ever walk past someone who says hello, flashes those pearly whites, and seems to have the world at their feet? That could be you! Encouragement is contagious, just like smiles and laughter.

So I encourage you today to take a step foreword and practice the art of the smile. Not only will the receiver be blessed but you will be blessed as well.


  1. We all need encouragement, and it's good to remember to be the first to give it.

  2. I'm often surprised and very thankful when just the smallest thing helps to break me out of a funk. I can be having a bad day and someone can do something that makes me reconsider my attitude. Definitely a smile or polite hello can do wonders.

  3. It's really amazing how simple it is to spread joy.
    Keep Smiling!