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Jillian Kent's Secrets May Surprise You

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hi Everyone!
It's going to be a fun week. I've got two main blog posts this week. On Monday, August 22nd I'll be blogging and doing a book giveaway at International Christian Fiction Writers Blogspot and on Tuesday I'll be blogging about The Fine Art of Choosing a Pen Name at the new WordServe Water Cooler.

Come join the fun and find out more about my passion for writing novels set during England's Regency era. As one of my Amazon reviewers, Lisa Richardson said: "It's tempting to try to cram all regency romances into a single box. But Jillian Kent's Secrets of the Heart isn't concerned with the typical backdrop of balls and arranged marriages . . . Toss in a mysterious woman who won't speak, a creepy lunatic asylum, and the labyrinthine mind of a dangerous opponent and you have a story that draws more from Jane Eyre than Jane Austin."


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