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Regency Ease and Authors

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Prince Regent
The regency era can be difficult to understand if you don't know the time period. There are many places on the web where you can find information and I'm going to supply you with some links if you're interested in exploring.

One specific issue I wanted to address has to do with character names in novels and how members of the aristocracy are addressed. For instance, in my first novel, Secrets of the Heart, The Ravensmoore Chronicles, the hero, Devlin Grayson, is an earl. His estate is known as Ravensmoore, therefore he is addressed as Lord Ravensmoore, the Earl of Ravensmoore, or, for those who know him well, simply, Ravensmoore, but NOT Lord Grayson. He would not be called Devlin in public and his family may or may not call him by his given name.

In Chameleon, the second book in the series that just released, Jonathon Denning is Lord Witt, or the Lord of Witt. He is also an earl. He would be known as Witt to his familiars. It can get rather confusing. An earl's wife is known as a countess. If Witt marries then his wife would be known as Lady Witt or the Countess of Witt. There are several authors in the CBA who are well known for writing during this period in history. An excellent resource regarding the peerage can be located on Jo Beverly's  website.

Vic Sanborn has an incredible site that you'll really enjoy. This is one of the places I go when looking for my own answers regarding the regency. You can find it at Jane Austen's World.

You may also enjoy, Nancy Mayer who is an incredible regency researcher. Those of us who have been reading and writing within the regency for years are well aware of Romance Writers of America's, The Beau Monde.And author Gaelen Foley also has an incredible history site.

Within the CBA there are also many regency authors. Linore Rose Burkard has a great list of resources for readers you will enjoy. Author Julie Klassen has some great pictures under her resource tab. And here are the 10 Essential Voices in Regency Romance within the pages of Family Fiction Magazine. By the bye, Ruth Axtell Morren has been a fabulous mentor to me over the years and she's a fabulous writer.

There are many regency romance authors out there within both the American Booksellers Association and the Christian Bookseller Association. Immerse yourself in a great book.

What's your favorite regency novel? Do you have a favorite resource site for the regency time period?


  1. I don't think I can narrow it down to just one favorite but I have read Heyer's Arabella and Federica at least 3 times each.
    The CBA has some talented regency authors, like the ones you mentioned above, as well as a few others I can think of. :)

    The resource website I like is

  2. Hi J. Grace,
    Great pick. Heyer's got to be at the top of everyone's Regency list. Thanks for stopping by. Love to get others opinions.:)

  3. Thank you so much for this outstanding post, Jillian. As a novelist myself, I am excited about exploring the resources you've listed. Thank you. :)

    A favorite Regency novel of mine is Georgette Heyer's A Civil Contract. I also enjoy the novels of Regency author Laurie Alice Eakes.



  4. Thanks Mary Ann,
    I'm glad you will be utilizing some of these resources. Laurie's awesome isn't she? If you are working on your own Regency novel let me know if you come across any interesting sites. Thanks for stopping by.