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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

 My most recent WOW FACTOR idea came from my day job!

I love trying to come up with new ideas to my books into the hands of readers
I work as a counselor for nursing students. Last week the golf enthusiasts from the college had a beautiful day to play and raise money for the college scholarship fund. This was the 4th Annual Good Samaritan College of Nursing and Health Science Scholarship Fund Golf Outing.

It's wonderful when the day job is proud of and encourages my writing career. Here you see the awesome ad that I paid $25.00 for to help the college cause and my own. How cool is that? So all day long everyone who came to the golf course got a glimpse of my second novel, Chameleon.

Secondly, share a colorful WOW review now and then. 

I've been blessed with good reviews. This one by Margaret Metz at Through the Fog got me. You can also see it at Barnes and Noble. Even though we all know where to find our reviews I believe it's a good idea to share some of them now and then. I'm always hearing that if you have too many good reviews and not enough bad ones that it doesn't create enough controversy and readers will be less likely to want to buy your books. Do you believe that? I don't. Everyone's got an opinion and what I've found the most is that some of the one star reviews are complaints about other things than the writing itself. They don't like the cover, or they got to review and they don't enjoy the genre, so why did they review it? What I love about the following review is that the reviewer also totally got me. :)

She totally got me! Okay, I know I'm supposed to ramble on about ...

She totally got me! Okay, I know I'm supposed to ramble on about the beautiful cover (isn't it gorgeous?), and the author's mad skills in creating characters, but I'm overwhelmed by how cleverly she crafted this plot. I can usually reason out the answer to mysteries pretty quickly. I didn't know anything until she wanted me to. I would guess and then some new bit of information would come out . . . It was fantastic!

I truly enjoyed the first book and was thrilled to meet back with so many of those characters again. Victoria was a fantastic leading lady and I loved her nickname. I have a chronic illness myself and totally understand her focus on studying people -- almost as if you are living vicariously through them. She has brains, beauty, and enough will to make her equal to any task. I liked her a lot.

Witt was my favorite kind of hero. He's a little bit of the bad boy -- though more misunderstood than truly bad. He has let his past define the man he is today. He's closed off, reserved, and private. The mystery in those grey eyes makes him even more attractive to Victoria.

The second book continues to address the treatment of the mentally ill, but it also touches on how women were viewed and what their roles should/could be.

This was a fascinating story that makes my favorites list. I want to thank the author and her publisher for providing me a copy of the book. It in no way influenced my review.

So what are your WOW  FACTOR thoughts? What do you think about sharing a review now and then on your blog and other social media that wowed you?


  1. I shared with friends how I received great feedback from judges of a writint contest. It was very encouraging!

    Also, a friend saw the link to my book on another friend's FB page and she didn't even know me. Pretty cool to see total strangers promoting my book! Social networking does work!

    Congrats to you and many more WOW moments to come for you I am certain!

  2. Hi Ruth!
    Great feedback from contests can be very wowing and encouraging. Good for you! How cool about the FB links. Social networking does work. I KNOW you will have many WOW moments, Ruth. You're just getting your feet wet.

  3. What a way to promote the book! Fantastic marketing on your part, Jillian. I just bought the Kindle version of Chameleon. Thanks for sending the update on the special price break. I use the last three dollars on my Amazon card. Got to reload it now.

  4. Hi Catherine,
    Sometimes marketing really is fun. Other times not so much, but I try to stick with the fun stuff. :) Thanks for buying the Kindle version. Have a great weekend.