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Definition of Yearn: Downton Abbey

Monday, November 26, 2012

Watched the sneak peaks of Downton Abbey last night. Makes the word "yearn" come to mind.


1: to long persistently, wistfully, or sadly <yearns to make a difference>
2: to feel tenderness or compassion 
Am I the last one to discover that there is a Downton Abbey App.?
Love these pictures!  Looking forward to the new season and now I hear we have season four to look forward to as well.

What can writer Julian Fellowes teach us? A lot obviously. Perhaps the most important thing being that it's all about the characters and their relationships and how we as viewers want to know more about them. And the man has worked hard. You can read more here.

Masterpiece Classic was enthralling Sunday evening as we revisited Downton Abbey and got a couple looks at what is to come. I watched along with a few more folks, I'm sure. If only we could have dismissed all the advertisements.
One of the things that Downton Abbey has is a historical advisor Alastair Bruce.Getting into Character has it's challenges How I would love to have my own historical advisor. If you're writing historical fiction of any kind, I'm sure you can appreciate this.

Am I reading this correctly? I can order it now from the UK? Will you buy it or wait till January?


  1. I caught a preview of Downton Abbey the other night and got hooked. Great stuff! We've also been watching Upstairs, Downstairs which I believe is a take off on Downton Abbey. I just love those English mansions.

    1. Loved that show, Catherine. I really enjoy photos of the English Mansions, castles, etc. Love the video too, "behind the scenes at the castle with a tour from Lady Carnarvon."

  2. I have never watched this show, but I am intrigued! I need to check it out.

  3. Hi Elizabeth,
    See if your library has the first two seasons. You'll love it. I think I've also written something on the blog about setting as character in regards to Downton Abbey. You might want to check out James Scott Bell's post from Sunday as well. It's great.

    You are going to be so addicted! Enjoy!