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What Does Downton Abbey and Mystery of the Heart have in Common?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I was imagining my Ravensmoore Chronicles as a television series. What writer hasn’t imagined such a thing from time to time? A reader at a recent book said, “This sounds like a series for Hallmark.” (From your lips to God’s ear as the saying goes, I thought.) And call me delusional if you want but the front of The Writer this month made me dwell on this thought even more.  At the very top of the page, just above Mr. Carson’s bowler covered head, you’ll read the sentence, THE RISE OF FAITH-BASED SCREENWRITING.

So you see, I’m not delusional. It is possible. Faith-based screen writing is on the rise. Even though Julian Fellowes has a little bit of experience on me, I’m not above praying BIG! I’m convinced God loves that about me because I make HIM smile on a daily basis with the size of my prayer requests.

You may be thinking what does this have to do with the title of this post? Let me show you.

  1. Downton has Lady Mary Crawley and Matthew Crawley. Mystery of the Heart has Lady Mercy Grayson and Vincent St. Lyons, Lord Eden.
  2. Downton and Ravensmoore are both located in the English countryside. However, most of Mystery of the Heart takes place in London. Downton also has scenes in London.
  3. Downton is True to the Period (post Edwardian and 1st World War era) and so is Mystery of the Heart (Regency era).
  4. Dialogue is accurate and true to the time period.
  5. Downton and Mystery have their valets, cooks, maids, and butlers.
Now I just need some financial help and Julian Fellowes to write the screen play and . . .  "Hello, Mr. Fellowes, are you looking for a new project? I was imagining."   
I love this newest release of mine. Of course I like all my books but I think because this is the last in the series I have a special appreciation for it. I call it my Indiana Jones novel. It’s based in part on the legend of the Holy Lance, the lance that the Roman soldier used to pierce the side of Christ to be certain he was dead. The Bible doesn’t go into detail about this but it’s been very interesting to research and see why there is so much interest and speculation about this lance. Today, to the best of my knowledge based on extensive research, Austria, The Vatican, and Armenia believe they have pieces of the original Lance of Longinus or The Spear of Destiny as it is also known. Hitler was obsessed with the lance and there are thoughts that it resides in Antarctica. 

The novel centers around the youngest of Lord Ravensmoore's sisters, Mercy, who wants to be a doctor like her big brother, but in the time of the regency that is an impossibility, or is it? She meets Vincent St. Lyons who is returning from a secret quest for the Prince Regent. Unfortunately for Mercy she’s washed up on the shore of Northumberland.
As creatives we must remember our most powerful words. I was imagining.


  1. The first two were good, but you're right, this does sound exciting. I hope there is a rise in Christian everything! The world could use it. So you dream big and I pray those dreams come true!!

    1. Keep praying, Elizabeth! I just love to imagine good stuff. :) And you pray big dreams for yourself too.

  2. I love your positive outlook!

    1. Let's create positiveness all over the world this year. One blog to the next. :) Thanks Kay!

  3. I would love to see your books performed on PBS. That would be ever so lovely!

    1. Love the way you think, Lisa. Who knows? God wants good stuff for us and prayers sure can help. I'm praying big!

  4. I like number three best too, Jillian, especially the part about the artifacts. BTY, congratulations on your Amazon rating in their free Kindle books. Way to go!