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Identiying Your Greatest Strength/Challenging Your Greatest Weakness

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This looks like a strong rope. I like to visualize things I'm thinking about and this works just fine. I want you to think about whatever comes to mind related to how are you strong like this rope. Now take a piece of paper or open your word document and list the things your thinking of now.

I'm strong like a rope because I'm:

Now think about what gets in  your way. What causes weakness in your life? I know for me the list begins with:
Stress Issues

We all have strengths and weaknesses. The problem blooms though when we stop being aware of these issues and allow them to take over our daily routine.  If you are facing an ordeal, like climbing your own personal rock wall then some of these things  may help:


If you live in awareness then you will realize when you are off course.
Take time to re-focus your thoughts. This may come in the form of connecting with God in prayer and in the Word.


We frequently hold our breath or don't breath deeply when we're stressed out or experiencing anxiety.
B-R-E-A-T-H-E. Take a few minutes to monitor your breathing.

Thought Stopping

Where are your thoughts taking you? If you are up against a deadline at work, at home, or on your novel it's imperative that you stay positive. If you follow negative thoughts into a dark alley of despair you will become trapped in that alley. On the other hand, if you follow your thoughts into an open airy field full of wildflowers and blue sky you may just find yourself thinking you can succeed. We really are what we think.

So what's one or more of your strengths? Weakness? How do you  challenge your weakness? How do you capitalize on your strengths? Is there something you've learned along the way that has brought you through a difficult time?

Jillian Kent's Secrets May Surprise You

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hi Everyone!
It's going to be a fun week. I've got two main blog posts this week. On Monday, August 22nd I'll be blogging and doing a book giveaway at International Christian Fiction Writers Blogspot and on Tuesday I'll be blogging about The Fine Art of Choosing a Pen Name at the new WordServe Water Cooler.

Come join the fun and find out more about my passion for writing novels set during England's Regency era. As one of my Amazon reviewers, Lisa Richardson said: "It's tempting to try to cram all regency romances into a single box. But Jillian Kent's Secrets of the Heart isn't concerned with the typical backdrop of balls and arranged marriages . . . Toss in a mysterious woman who won't speak, a creepy lunatic asylum, and the labyrinthine mind of a dangerous opponent and you have a story that draws more from Jane Eyre than Jane Austin."

Bedlam/Bethlehem Hospital

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hi Everyone,
I"m blogging about Bedlam/Bethlehem Hospital at Just the Write Charisma this week. Please stop by and leave a comment there or here. I think you'll your find this post very interesting.

Creativity Takes to the Road

Monday, August 8, 2011

This is going to be an incredible week filled with fun, challenges, and hopefully a lot of great memories. My hubby, and oldest daughter and I are travelling to Texas to see our youngest daughter graduate from Youth With A Mission. I'm praying that the heat will let up at least a little bit for this excursion. The house sitters will have their hands full on the home front with three cats and a dog to watch over. Hopefully, there won't be too many parties while we're gone. :) This does bring other issues to the forefront however of what happens when you have writing that needs to be attended to while traveling. I know I'm not the first to face this dilemma but I'm going to share some of my thoughts and hope I can garnish some ideas from you all as well.

I've been debating whether or not to take my laptop or just my NeoSmart. And I think I'm going to take the Neo. It's lighter to use in the car and I can download to my computer when I get home. This way I can be working on the rough draft of book three with the working title of Mystery of the Heart. My substantial edit is now in the hands of my editor and I'll soon have to attend to line edits for book two, Chameleon.

When I turn in my final edits I also have to turn in:
1) a teaser chapter for my next novel
2) an updated synopsis (plot changes frequently happen during editing) and
3) a list of potential endorsers with their contact info

These are all things I can work on and mull over while on the road.

Another thing I have to consider is checking e-mail, etc. I have an ancient cell phone and need to get a new one. It is way past time to upgrade. I also need a phone that takes great pictures. So I really want to know what kind of phones you use and what you like best. Which one is really easy to use for answering e-mail and which ones are totally author friendly. :) This phone actually looks like the phone I currently own.

I ususally post on Tuesdays but want to get as much information from you as I can before we leave later this week. So that's why I'm posting early if you're wondering. So what has worked best for you while writing and traveling? We're driving from Ohio to Texas so it's going to take awhile. :) Hey did I tell you that August 8th is my 30th wedding anniversary? Amazing! I found myself a really great guy all those years ago.


Monday, August 1, 2011

If you think marketing is difficult, don't panic. Once you are published you do have to work hard to help push your sparkling new baby into the world so you can reach readers. You don't have to have all the answers and all the knowledge, this develops over time, but I'd encourage you to educate yourself. I'm no expert but I'm learning a lot and I'm not afraid to try things that I haven't done before. Be brave! Be bold! Be creative!

Discover what color your marketing parachute is and jump. Prior to my books release on May 3rd I had taken what I consider two very important steps for marketing my novel. I hired Kelli Standish and team at PulsePoint Design to help me achieve the look I wanted for my online presence. This is an investment in your career and I encourage you to look at it that way. Your website is hopefully going to be where your future readers are going to visit and you want to practice hospitality or no one will visit often. There are many places on the web for readers and writers to visit, ask yourself why they may want to stop by your online home.

Get yourself some classy business cards. The PulsePoint gang also helped me with that and coordinated my book cover and my web design to be on my business card. This makes a great impression. My husband who also happens to be my best publicist talks my novel up all the time and hands out my business cards. He and I both asked the hospital gift shops where we work if they would consider carrying my book and both said yes!

Realms/Charisma, my publisher created a beautiful video trailer. You can see it here: My Novel Secrets of the Heart. You'll also notice that you can click on the book and go to Amazon to order it. I think it's really important to make buying your book as easy as possible. I also have all my endorsements listed on this page.

I recently took advantage of another opportunity, made a suggestion, and here is the outcome over at Christian Fiction Online Magazine I hope you'll take a look at this new column called The Well Writer.

Talk to your librarian. I have lots of friends at my local library. They ordered my book for the Cincinnati Public Library and they also told me about Books by the Banks which I am now participating in on October 22nd because I followed my librarian, Betty's, advice and applied to be one of the folks participating in this event which pulled in approximately 3,600 people last year. I told my publisher and they are making up postcards for me for this event. I also hope to get a chance to use my video trailer at this event. So be open to opportunities that come your way. We writers are a creative bunch. There's no reason we can't be creative marketers as well.

These are just a few of the marketing ideas I've utilized this year. Some of the others include a radio interview, an Amazon Author Page, and besides this blog I also now blog at  Just The Write Charisma and the brand new WordServe Water Cooler Blog.

I hope you will find encouragement related to the many things YOU can accomplish as the director of marketing for your own novels.

Smiles and Blessings!