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Blog Pick of the Week/Debra Marvin's Hijacked by History

Friday, September 24, 2010

Awesome post this week Deb. If I could rent the Inky time machine I'd be off to Yorkshire and London
during the Regency of course.


  1. Thanks, Jillian!

    I'm honored to be "picked". Not like when I used to be third to last to be picked for dodgeball...

    I had a lot of fun with this post. At least I feel good knowing my history obsession puts in such good company!

    Looking forward to Ravensmoore's debut!

  2. Hey there Deb,
    Don't feel bad. I was the last one "picked" with just about anything to do with sports. That's with the exception of anything to do with showing horses. I was decent in that category.:) But dodgeball? Forget it!
    If I ever get through the edits there's a good chance of a Ravensmoore debut as scheduled for May 2011. :) Pray for me!