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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

If you could live and dress during another time where would it be and what would you wear? Would you enjoy wearing a dress like this?

Of course I'm prone to Regency wear.  Or would you never dream of returning to the past because you adore the present?



Or would you prefer a more modern look? Too modern?

Or just go for comfort? There's something to be said about a favorite pair of jeans isn't there?

Think of the eye wear in days gone by. Not much of a selection way back when. No laser surgery.

Do you like these glasses? I can't help but think of Harry Potter when I see these glasses.

Or something more modern. Like these?

And then there is always footwear. Do you like these? If I traveled back in time I would have to have my favorite pair of sneakers. One never knows when they may have to out run a rogue. :) 



Or maybe these? :)
What do our choices in clothes, shoes, eye-wear say about us?  What do we want it to say?
What's your favorite look for YOU? Historical, Modern, FUTURISTIC?

Or as the song from the WHO asks . . .  Who are you? Who? Who?


  1. Duh. With your sell job on Regencies, I'm there!

    Cannot WAIT to read your book.

  2. Hey Patti,
    Have a great Turkey Day! I can see you as a Regency woman, but not one of the shy and modest types. :)

  3. I'd like to just pop back in time when i need to do some research and then pop back 'home'. So...1830s. Thanks for asking~