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The Brain, Books, Science, and God's Mystery

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm in one of those thoughtful moods about the brain and how it works. I know, it's deep. I've always marveled at how we work as human beings. How intricate our inner-self is and how our brain does what it does. If you want to have some fun today read on. God really did knit us together in awesome style.

Please take a minute today to check out this link at Live Science. 10 Things You Didn't Know About the Brain. I did know about number 3 though. Anything surprise you?

Did you ever wonder what people living in centuries past may have thought about a picture of the brain like this one?  Through the ages scientists and doctors have been dissceting to see what the inside of the human body looked like and how it worked and how it could be fixed. I have no idea when dissection first took place and who was doing it. If you know this please tell us.



I'm no expert on dissection and it's history but it is fascinating to me. I've read lots of non-fiction about body snatchers, grave robbers, etc. I love reading fiction books that employ this kind of stuff. I remember reading Tess Gerritsen's, The Bone Garden, which I loved. I won't give anything away but you might like it.

When was the last time you were absorbed by a work of fiction or non-fiction that had a similar theme to this post?



  1. I enjoyed this post! My daughter is doing a presentation on the brain this week. It is truly amazing. I liked the part about the blood/brain barrier in the article you linked here. I did not know that before. But I do find it interesting to read some of the scientific speculations about certain aspects of evolution and realize exactly how speculative they are! ;-)

  2. Hi Rosslyn,
    I hope your daughter has fun doing her presentation. Yes, there is alot of speculation isn't there?:) I was thinking about brain wrinkles and how the article states the more wrinkles we have the more intelligent we are (see number 7). First, if this is true I hope they don't start using botox on those wrinkles! And those wrinkles as we age, hmm, think they have something to do with wisdom and our brain wrinkles?