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Blog Pick Friday/Shelli Johannes-Wells and Audra Harders

Friday, February 4, 2011

Here's a gold mine for anyone interested in marketing strategies and organizing your first book signing.

I couldn't pick just one blog for this week. Wow! There were and always are some great posts out there, but for all the reason's you'll read about I had to pick two of the awesome women over at Seekerville again this week. First off you have got to meet and get to know Shelli Johannes-Wells, The Biggest Marketing Bang For Your Buck and secondly I loved Audra Harders post called, Are You Ready For Your Book Signing. I'm preparing for my first book signing in the spring, so of course both Shelli's post and Audra's were necessary for me to read and glean as much inspiration from as possible. I got so much help and you will too. Check it out!


  1. Hey wow, Jillian! Thanks for shout out and promo! Your first booksigning, too? Enjoy it! Laugh, have fun, engage people into your corner and whether or not they buy a book right then isn't the point. They'll remember YOU and YOU are the best selling tool possible!! God has a way of making awesome returns on investments, LOL!

    Thanks for loving Seekerville! We wouldn't be anything without you and our friends!!

  2. Hi Audra!
    Thanks for stopping by and thanks for following. Your post was so timely for me. Just loved it. I'm doing a pre-book signing event with others on Saturday. It's pre-book because my novel doesn't release till May, but I'll be with a local group of writing buddies doing signings,etc. So I'm still doing a lot of things you recommended, but I'll have mock ups and business cards, etc. And then the real book signing takes place in May. This will be a fun trial run.:)

  3. Thanks for those links, Jillian! They will be very helpful to me as I prepare, too. And of course I'll want to glean from all your experiences, too! :)

  4. Hi Anne!
    I'll share everything I can that might help you in the future, but I know you'll do great. Glad you stopped by. The information that Shelli and Audra shared was really useful. Have a great weekend!

  5. Have a great time, Jillian! I'd be psyched to do a signing with my buds!! Now I know you'll be successful! {{{don't forget the chocolate}}}

    Blessings on your day!

  6. aw thanks! it was nice meeting all of you and thanks for the shout out! :)

  7. Thanks Audra. It will be fun. I bet we'll all have chocolate overload.:)

  8. Thanks for stopping by, Shelli! Great post. Have an awesome weekend.