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Friday, February 11, 2011

The Kill Zone's Kathryn Lilley blogged about Voice this past Tuesday. Read her post at: Finding Your Voice As A Writer Voice always seems to be that mysterious thing that new writers struggle with and just not new writers. I think it's something that takes awhile to discover and, at least for me, doesn't show itself clearly until you've written many words.

I'd love to hear what voice means to you personally, whether reader or writer. 
How many books do you think it takes for a writer to convey to a reader what their voice is? Readers, you know this. Some books can hook you in for multiple stories. What is that? Please step up to the microphone so everyone can hear YOUR voice. :)

Oh great. I found two more blog posts I just have to mention. There's so many good ones out there I just can't help myself. Here you go: Must read Jordan Dane, also over at The Killzone Quirky Ramblings On e-Books and then if you haven't read Rosslyn Elliott's blog this week you must go visit her as well. Tin Man, Scarecrow Novel  AND for those of you reading this I'm also blogging over at Just The Write Charisma Have a great Friday and an Awesome Valentine's Day weekend.


  1. Hi Jill,
    I don't think I found my voice until this last novel I'm writing. At least my Crit partners think so:) I think part of it has to do with being more confident in your writing abilities that you aren't trying to sound like someone else and that inner editor can be turned off.

  2. Hi Terri!
    I believe it's better to find our own voices and not try to mimic someone else. Although I guess we can learn by copying someone's style, I think writers do themselves a diservice if they don't hunt for their own voice. I'm sure you are right on the money too when you speak of confidence. Thanks for weighing in, Terri.

  3. How true this is. We "shouldn't" let fear about what our voice is keep us from writing, but just write and let our "voice" take care of itself.

  4. And your voice will shine through Darlene. Fear really knows how to mess with us. So we've got to keep going in order not to let the fear win. I never want to say, "I wonder what might have been." I want to do the best with what I've got and be grateful for it. That's one of the reasons I loved The King's Speech. It's about one man's struggle to fight fear and find his voice. I think it's hugely powerful.