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Will a Royal Wedding Boost the Sales of Romance Novels?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I have to admit I've wondered if the Royal Wedding will increase the number of sales of romance novels sold that are set in England, be they historical, contemporary, secular, or inspirational.  What do you think? I'm very selfishly hoping so.  For all of us who have novels coming out that are set in England I think we may have a tiny advantage, but who knows, it's a wild and crazy business.

One week from today, my very first novel will officially be released. I've been more than a little nervous. But for some strange reason the butterflies winging around my stomach have settled into a kind of fluttering excitement and I've joined them in the dance. Afterall, it's only once that my first novel will wing its way into the hands of readers. Since I have a three book contract readers will also have the opportunity to read them as well and I hope and pray they do. And I hope each book is better than the last but that each book brings with it something new and unexpected. But this first book of mine will always be my first book and that's just way special.
 I encourage you to take a moment and go to Amazon and look inside this novel. I want you to party with me on line and just do it for the fun of it. Go there and look and click the little "like" sign if you do like what you see and read. And then someday in the future if you read this book leave a review on Amazon.

So what do you think about romance novels and the Royal Wedding? Will this event boost the sale of romance novels? I'm going to think positively here and say yes. Yes! It will! Because a lot of us love a good love story.


  1. I love the positive spin on the Royal Wedding. Doesn't it feel like everywhere you look someone is trying to dump on the romance of it all? Like it isn't every girls dream to be a real life princess - even though we live in the non-royal catering country. It's why we read historical romances.

    Great post. Very optimistic!

  2. Hi Bonnie,
    I think a lot of people think because it's royal it's not real. But it is real and it is romantic and this couple could have a positive effect on many things. I wish I could sit at home and watch Good Morning America all week since they are in London, but alas, we working girls cannot afford such luxury.

    I'm fascinated by the relationship of William and Kate and how they will effect each other, the country and those around them. If folks aren't interested, they don't have to watch or listen. But hey, history is being made and we're here to see it!

    Let's stay optimistic and rejoice with a young couple in love. :)

  3. I was outraged to hear a news commentator saying that bets are being taken as to how long the marriage will last! I wish them a lifetime of happiness and hope they can survive the constant public scrutiny that comes with being royalty.

  4. Hi Carol,
    I hadn't heard that remark. Doesn't really surprise me, unfortunately. But I'm with you, Carol. I hope they have a wonderful marriage and set a good example for the world and for Harry. :) They have the means and opportunity to do many good things and I hope they do.