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Cincinnati's Book Blast!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Suzanne, Terri, Joni, Terry, Me, Dee
I had such an awesome experience at Cincinnati's premiere book festival known as Books by the Banks. This was my second year in attendance and I'm pleased to announce that the Christian novel presence is growing. Last year I was the only author in attendance writing Christian fiction. This year there were several of us. There were also two panels.

Unfortunately with the schedule I didn't get to sit in on the panel with fellow Books and Such agency mate, Ann Gabhart, but we eventually caught up with each other and of course I forgot to take a picture. :)

Book club members from River Hills Christian Church in Loveland, Ohio drop by to visit at Books by the Banks. Left to Right: Suzanne Mohr, Terri Weeks, Joni Baker, Terry Kirkland, Me, and Dee Bailey.
Isn't it Romantic? Romance Fiction Panel
Jillian and Jamie
  • Macy Beckett, Sultry with a Twist,
  • Jamie Carie, The Guardian Duke: A Forgotten Castles Novel
  • Jillian Kent, Chameleon
  • Donna MacMeans, The Casanova Code

Jamie Carie was the other inspy author on this panel and friends Donna McMeans and  Macy Beckett were romance authors from the general market. The second panel was titled, “Faith and Fiction: Inspirational and Christian Fiction.”
  •  J.S. Bailey, The Land Beyond the Portal
  • Mary Ellis, An Amish Family Reunion
  • Ann Gabhart, Words Spoken True
  • Dionna Latimer-Hearn, Unexpected Places.

Moderator Amy, Macy, Donna, Me, and Jamie
We had a wonderful moderator who was one of the many awesome volunteers at Books by the Banks who asked questions such as:
     1) How has the e-book revolution effected us?
     2) How do we get our writing done?
     3) What do we think makes a strong hero and heroine?
     4) Why did we choose to write in the genres we are currently writing in?
Amy asked many questions the audience seemed to enjoy hearing the answers to and then opened it up for questions from those in attendance. Lots of fun!

Duffy Brown, long time friend and fellow member of Romance Writers of America and Ohio Valley RWA was signing her first cozy mystery, Iced Chiffon, which is sure to be a winner.

Duffy Brown and Jillian at the end of a long day.

If you would like to know more about who was in attendance this year: Fiction authors 2012 You can also explore all the other authors and genres who were there and get a taste for what a huge book festival is like in Cincinnati. What book festivals do you attend in your area of the country?


    1. It was GREAT meeting you, Jillian! That was a fun (if long!) event!!

    2. Hey Jamie! Thanks for stopping by. I hope to meet up with you at other events in the future. Great meeting you as well. Keep in touch.