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Blindly Guided

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hi Everyone,

Please welcome my very special guest blogger today, Jordyn Redwood.

Jordyn is a pediatric ER nurse by day, suspense novelist by night. She hosts Redwood’s Medical Edge, a blog devoted to helping contemporary and historical authors write medically accurate fiction. Her debut novel, Proof, garnered a starred review from Library Journal and has been endorsed by the likes of Dr. Richard Mabry, Lynette Eason, and Mike Dellosso to name a few. You can connect with Jordyn via her website at

Okay, I have a confession to make—I’m a fan of reality TV. Not the find-your-husbad-I’ve-fallen-in-love-in-30-seconds shows but those with somewhat of a purpose. Survivor, lots on Food Network—Wipeout completely cracks me up.
My most favorite show right now is Master Chef. I am a fan of Hell’s Kitchen (why do so many cooks smoke?) but honestly, Mr. Ramsey, I cannot watch all of your swearing with my 7 and 9y/o’s watching too. Master Chef provides a much softer side of Gordon Ramsey.
The show centers on home cooks trying to win a competition where they’ll get a book deal for a cookbook and a cash prize.
Amateur’s cooking for a book deal—sounds like how I started writing!
This season, there is a blind woman, Christine, in the competition. I don’t mean she has poor eyesight—she cannot see at all! She has a guide who can grab ingredients for her from the pantry and can tell her how something looks—like your pie crust is brown—if Christine asks. But, the guide is NOT allowed to assist her with the cooking in any way. No help cutting, measuring, and plating.
It’s been a fascinating adventure to watch this woman. A fellow contestant who wanted her out of the competition decided she should cook a live crab! I mean—is that cruel or just a smart competitive move? I won’t share which way I’m leaning.
Christine’s efforts on Master Chef have caused me to think about my Christian writing life. As a Christian, I feel I do need to look to God for direction—but I cannot see him or hear him, which can make decisions hard. Do I write this book? In this genre? Go with this publisher? 
So, taking some points from Christine—this is how I think our adventures parallel.
1.You do have a guide. Obviously, Christine cannot see the woman helping her, but she IS there. We physically can’t see God but there are footprints of His presence. Creation—really mind boggles me sometimes the intricacy of nature and the human body. The Bible. The historical record. 
2. Have you asked for help? This is perhaps one of the things I’m terrible at. Christine has to ask her guide for help to stay on track. What’s the color of my pie crust? How often do you flat out pray to God for help in decision making? I am horrible at it. As an ER nurse, I’m used to people looking at me to make very important decisions on a moment’s notice so I tend to rely on myself a lot more than I should. I’m imperfect and I need to be close to God to help hear him in those moments when I do ask for help. Spend time with God through Bible reading, worship and prayer.
3. Block out the noise. In a recent episode of Master Chef, Christine was in charge of her team when they had to do morning room service at a busy hotel. She cannot see what her team is doing and all she’s hearing is a lot of fighting. It was hard to make out a single voice in that instance. Jesus is noted in the Bible to pull away from the crowds into a quiet place for prayer and reflection. I believe he did this out of need but also as an example to us. In order to hear our guide, we need to block out the other noise.
How about you and your writing life? Do you want God to be a guide? How do you tune in His presence?

 Dr. Lilly Reeves is a young, accomplished ER physician with her whole life ahead of her. But that life instantly changes when she becomes the fifth victim of a serial rapist. Believing it's the only way to recover her reputation and secure peace for herself, Lilly sets out to find--and punish--her assailant. Sporting a mysterious tattoo and unusually colored eyes, the rapist should be easy to identify. He even leaves what police would consider solid evidence. But when Lilly believes she has found him, DNA testing clears him as a suspect. How can she prove he is guilty, if science says he is not? 

You can purchase Proof here.


  1. Thanks, Jill, so much for having me. It's great to be here!

  2. I agree with Jordyn on several levels.
    1- I too am a reality t.v. show junkie. I LOVE Master Chef. Our family is cheering for Christine as well. My hubby is blind so watching her is so relatable to her challenges that she faces, with what he faces day to day.
    2- I am a control freak. I do NOT ask for help in prayer as nearly as I SHOULD, therefore I fret and worry far too much. (and for no truly good reason.)
    3- I agree about the points made regarding hells kitchen...amen..Ah, Mr. Ramsey...he who has 4 children of his own...very hard to watch with my 7 yr old. (thankful for dvr)
    I love the paralell that is made in this post and I appreciate the honesty.
    It makes me take a more honest look at my writing; why and I write, and WHO I am truly relying on.
    Great post Jordyn! THANKS!!!
    Aj Luck

  3. Hi Jordyn,
    I have to admit that the only cooking show I've watched with any regularity has been The Chew. I'm off from my day job as a college counselor for 8 weeks every summer. So now my 87 year old mom has me watching The Chew with her throughout the week.
    As far as the writing life goes I've had a really hard time blocking out the noise lately. That's an area I really need to work on.

  4. Love the analogy, Jordan. I don't watch food shows, they make me want to raid the fridge, and that's a bad thing for me. I am a fan of The Bachelorette, though. I'm always hoping they'll find true love.

  5. AJ... Sounds like we are two peas in the same pod!!

    Jillian...I agree. So hard to stay focused.

    Cathetine... A true romantic. Maybe for you... A cooking show where there could be a love connection!

    Now, what is in the fridge?

  6. Interesting post! I don't watch too many cooking shows, but when I do I appreciate the pressure they are under. As an ER nurse, I know YOU can relate to that kind of pressure!

    For me, yes I try to make God my guide in my writing. He has told me to stop and take a break from time to time...and in that break He shows me something new to add to my WIP. I love it when He does that!!

    Blessings to you and I wish you the best of success on your writing.

  7. I really like how Jillian tied religion into the show "Masterchef" with Christine being blind. I used to work in an upper class restaurant, and the main reason why so many cooks smoke is the same reason why everyone else does, Stress! Most people who go to upper class restaurants are really picky about their food, so a dish that a chef cooks has to be to perfection. The waitresses are bossy, and if they’re having a bad day they are going to take it out on the cooks so they don’t mess up their tip. I've missed out on a few seasons of "Hell's Kitchen", so when my Dish coworker told me that I can get a DVR that will automatically record it for me, I immediately jumped on it. The Hopper has a unique PrimeTime Anytime feature that automatically record all prime time shows on CBS, NBC, FOX and ABC everyday in HD.

  8. Thanks for your comment, Ruth!

    Connan-- I'm glad to find an explanation for why so many cooks smoke! I love fun little facts but doesn't it totally throw your taste buds off?