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Sunday, January 9, 2011


  1. I saw this man on our local news yesterday, meeting his 90 year old mother for the first time in something like twenty years. I gather he has some unsavory bits in his past but also has been sober for a while now. It's wonderful to see him be given, and accept, a chance to do something with his life. God bless him. I hope he makes it.

  2. Hi Carol,
    Ted obviously has a gift. I too hope he doesn't squander this opportunity to make a difference in his life and the life of others. He could really help bring light to those who are homeless and the reasons why they are homeless. I pray he makes wise decisions for himself and others he will connect with this year.

  3. I just found your blog via Jodi Hedlund, I am now following along.

    I love Ted's story too.

  4. Hi there Transparent Mama,
    So glad you found me. I love Jodi's Blog too.:) I think Ted has such a great opportunity to do some great things. Here's hoping and praying he does.