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Hoping for a Movie Deal/Rachelle Gardner/Blog Pick Friday

Friday, March 11, 2011

Rachelle Gardner's blog post, Hoping for a Movie Deal  posted on March 8th with the second part posting on the 9th. If you've ever dreamed of your book becoming a movie these two posts will be important for you to read.

I know I've imagined my books becoming movies. In fact the way I write is like watching a movie so it's not that far a leap to imagine the book turning into film. Do you do that too?

Do you imagine specific actors portraying your characters in a film. Maybe Hugh Jackman, Ioan Gruffud, or Matt Damon? Does your leading lady resemble Kate Hudson, Rachel McAdams, or Keira Knightley?

Maybe you dream of a Hallmark Hall of Fame televsision special or a box office smash. Whatever it is and no matter how improbable it's fun. So don't stop dreaming. But do read Rachelle's blog posts and keep both feet firmly planted on the ground while your head's in the clouds.

Okay. Now let's dream up our movie posters. :) Personally I would like something similar to the Amazing Grace poster that hangs in my office. What about you? Want to share your movie dreams and poster ideas?


  1. Since my first novel is a contemporary romance set in a small town, I'd want a softer feel to my poster. Possibly something like the Love Happens poster:

  2. That's really cute, Lisa. Thanks for the link. I like to compare the contemporary and historical poster ideas.

  3. I read Rachelle's post and found the book-to-movie-deal process fascinating, but I honestly haven't given any thought to my stories ending up as movies. I was the consultant who chose all the dogs for the filming of "Best In Show" several years ago, however, and dogs appear in most of my stories. So if one *were* to make it to the screen I'd probably envision a poster like BIS's:, with people and dogs, although it doesn't really reflect my themes.

  4. Carol,
    That is a fun poster. I never saw that movie. So you got to choose all the dogs. I wonder if that was fun or if it drove you nuts? No matter, I think it's great that you got a chance to do something like that. Thanks for sharing your poster thought.