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The Power of Story/Inkwell Inspiration's Niki Turner/My Blog Pick of the Week

Friday, March 25, 2011

Who can resist this picture over at Inkwell Inspirations? Not me! I'm a sucker for bagpipes, and guys in kilts.  I really enjoyed Niki's post this week and if you haven't seen it go there right now and read it. Here's the link: The Power of Story

I will be blogging today over at Just The Write Charisma on the topic of The Regency, Mad-Doctoring, Romance, and Medicine. Come visit.

Also, don't forget to go to this section of my website where you can read the first chapter of my novel, Secrets of the Heart, that will debut on May 3rd. I'm so excited. I hope you'll love this story so much you'll want to tell your friends about it. Have an awesome weekend.

My buddy Niki Turner writes romantic fiction, Christian non-fiction, blog posts, articles in the local newspaper, grocery lists, and Facebook status updates. Her first completed manuscript won second place in the 2009 Touched By Love contest for contemporary category romance.

Colorado natives, Niki and her husband of 20+ years have four children (three at home) and are soon-to-be grandparents. In 1998 they planted a church in rural northwestern Colorado. Currently, they share their home with three teenage boys, two black Lab mutts, and Niki’s absurdly spoiled Westie, Archie.

Niki can be found at In Truer Ink, her personal blog and website, here at Inkwell Inspirations, and at The Pastor’s Wife Speaks.


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