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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I've been debating about which e-reader to buy for several months. I didn't think I'd buy any e-reader ever, but I found myself enthralled with these devices and was certain I was going to buy a NOOK. In the end, I purchased the Kindle for two main reasons. The first was cost and the second reason was the possibility that as time moves on that Barnes and Noble could possibly go out of business like Borders and other bookstores. I would hate to see that happen but it's a possiblity that must be faced. I'm not sure where that would leave owners of the Nook. Let's hope for the best.

I do like this Kindle and I like the red case and light that I bought to go with it too. You can watch a YouTube Video below to see how it works with the lighted case. I think it works great, no problems at all.

Be aware that there is a new light coming out. I found this video about the new Octovo Kindle Light coming this month.

So have you made the leap to an e-reader? If you have are you happy with the decision you made? What's the pros and cons of your current e-reader? What was the first book you bought for your e-reader?


  1. I love my Kindle! LOVE it. Actually, I went hungrily to the free ebooks section of Amazon and have now become addicted. Which I gotta say is a bad thing 'cause the books I like I'm now reading the other books by the same authors. Oh for the love.

    Great post! I got the brown leather cover. Forgot the light!

  2. I got a Kindle for Christmas and I love, love, love it!

    Of course in the interest of fairness, my husband got a Nook and he loves his, too. :)

  3. My hubby gave me a Kindle for Valentine's Day, and I love it. The text is crisp and easy to read. I find holding the Kindle easier than holding a real book, thanks to nifty strap on the case I bought.

    I didn't get a light, and I'm glad now because that Octovo light you introduced in your post looks great.

  4. Hi Bonnie,
    I went straight to the Free Books section too.:) I think I downloaded about 17 books including a Bible. I still can't figure out how to get to the section of the Bible I want.

    Hi Anne,
    I'd love to hear the conversations between you and hubby on your e-readers. Does he think the screen is harder to read?

    Hey there, Keli,
    I love that strap too and I think it's easy to manage the Kindle with it. One aspect that's very helpful to me is making the print a wee bit better. I love being able to read in bed, enlarge the print, and have my little light too. I will definetly being trying out the Octovo as well.

  5. No leap here yet. Even if I had the money, I don't think I would. Love my library too much:)

  6. Hi there, Tiffany,
    It's weird, but I really like it. There will always be places and times I'd rather have a book, like at the beach. I wouldn't want to get sand in the Kindle. But I like reading in bed with the Kindle. The font and light are helpful to me.

  7. Miss you, girl! Hope you're doing well.
    Mom gave me a Kindle for Christmas, and I haven't used it as much as my old standbys.

    Hope you enjoy it!!!

  8. Hi Patti,
    I have a deadline on April 5th. Really working hard to get book 2 as good as I possibly can be turning it over to my editor.

  9. A recently got a used iphone from a friend and didn't think I'd use it for much else than a phone since I was not about to outlay the cash for a data plan. However, I discovered that the Kindle App for iphone works even without a data plan. I just log onto Kindle books when I within a wireless hotspot (like my home) and download books (usually the free ones) and then they are available anytime. I love this because I can hold the phone with just one hand and turn pages with my thumb! I can also read in the dark (since the screen is back lit) and can read anywhere I go since the phone is small and I carry it everywhere. I'd love to find out more about getting ebooks from the library to work on my iphone. Does anyone know if that is possible?