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Archaeologists Unearth Skeletons at Old Bethlehem (Bedlam) Hospital

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I've been employed as a social worker for thirty years. I've worked in the mental health and medical fields for all of that time. If you read my books you'll find an interesting psychology thread. I'm currently revising my second book which will take you into Bedlam in the year 1818. When I saw this article Archaeology Find I was both fascinated and horrified. Then I became more fascinated when I realized this was really an old burial ground. Still it's hard to know what actually happened until more information comes to light.

"It's interesting on the archaeological side because the 16th century is a time of immense poverty really in the outer areas of the city of London. Sites of this type haven't always been fully investigated," Carver said.

In the picture with the article it appears to be more of a mass grave. I can't help but wonder if this was used for the patients who died, or perhaps bodies from an epidemic like the plague. The The Great Fire of London occurred in 1666 so I wonder how that may have effected this grave site. About ten years later Bethlehem hospital moved to Moorfields. It's moved twice since that time and still provides help for those who suffer from mental illness.

This blog post from one of my favorite sites sheds more light on what is being reported. Bethlem in the News

Many people don't know that Bethlehem Hospital, also known at Bethlem and Bedlam opened it's doors to the mentally ill in the 14th century.

What intrigues you about this history?


  1. You knew I'd be checking in for this one. Very interesting and I hope to hear more as they investigate.

  2. Interesting, never knew the hospital has been around since the 14th century

  3. Hi Deb and Anonymous,
    I'll be keeping a close eye on this too. Because the hospital has such a long history and has been in different locations it will always intrigue me.