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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Friday was my last day of work from my day job for eight weeks. I work in a college and it's a wonderful perk to have time off in the summer. I'm taking a week off from blogging on this site because I'm taking a much needed vacation and visiting friends in Atlanta.  When I return home I'll be in full out writing mode. I'll spend this break time separating one job from the other and trying to get some perspective on the creative work that needs to be done. Now, that being said I'm being interviewed on two blogs Monday - Wednesday. :) You can find me Monday at Janalyn Voigt's Blog, Novel Books. Then on Tuesday and Wednesday you can find me over at Favorite PASTimes. I'll be on vacation but I'll be checking in so please come visit these blog sites if you have time. And then when I get home I'll be blogging at Just The Write Charisma on May 30th. If you'd like to check out the reviews that have been coming in for my novel just click here.

Are you taking a vacation this summer? If you are where are you going? Do you have a favorite destination? Or do you enjoy staying home and doing whatever you like without having to travel?



  1. Hope you're relaxing, Jillian! Enjoy your time off.

  2. Hey Susie,
    I'm relaxing and healing from a sinus infection that caught me by surprise. Good friends are taking care of me and I'm even getting some writing done.