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Secrets of the Heart Launches Today!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'm thrilled to celebrate the release of Secrets of the Heart today.  I hope you will join me in the celebration. I will be giving away TWO copies of my novel this week and will leave this blog post in place through Saturday. Please leave a comment and e-mail addy. If you don't leave an e-mail address I won't know how to reach you. I will close this opportunity out at midnight on Saturday, May 7th and announce the winners on Sunday, May 8th, Mother's Day. :)

I'd love to know what you like about historical romance novels. What attracts you to this genre? Take a look at the video Realms made for Secrets of the Heart. Does this trailer draw you in at all? Would you buy or have you bought a book because of a trailer or was it only one aspect that helped you make a decision?

Other than a great romance, Secrets of the Heart is a book with mystery/suspense elements. That's my personal preference. How about you? I think I'm a latent Sherlock Holmes. What elements do you like in your historical romances?


  1. Can't wait! Congratulations girl! WOOHOO!!!

  2. Thanks Bonnie! It's going to be fun.

  3. SO excited for you, Jillian! Bask in this day! It's been a long time coming!

    (And you can enter me in the drawing, too!) anne at annemateer dot com.

  4. Hi there Anne! I'm basking. Still surreal but I'm starting to feel it's really happening. :)

  5. Congratulations, Jillian! I saw Jody's tweet and came on over to your blog. Liked the trailer, especially the background music & the intriguing questions it presented about your novel. One of my critique partners worked on a trailer for one of her books, so I know the thought that goes into developing one.

  6. Yay! Huge congrats!! Can't wait to read it.

  7. Hi there Beth and Erin,
    So glad you dropped by. Glad you like the trailer. I'm blessed that I didn't have to develop the trailer. That was all Realms doing. Thank God.

    Lena's also interviewing me today over at her place.

    Thanks for helping me celebrate!

  8. Congratulations on your Release Day, Jill! Enjoy the thrill. How are you celebrating the big event?

    (Please don't enter my name in the drawing. I have a copy of Secrets of the Heart on my TBR shelf.)

  9. Excited for you on this important day, Jill! I'm about to buy a copy of SECRETS online (count it as a TWITTER sale) so if I win a copy, I'll give it away on my blog.

  10. Hi Keli!
    Well other than trying to absorb it all and chat on line now and then I'm at work! The day job cannot be ignored but it allows me opportunity to take breaks and check in with the blogs.:)
    I still haven't planned a launch party and am trying to schedule a couple book signings. I'll probably do more in the summer when I have 8 weeks off from the day job. Thanks so much for buying Secrets. I think you'll like it.

  11. Hey Sue,
    That's awesome woman! Thanks so much. My first Twitter sale!

  12. Congratulations, Jill! Enjoy your big day. This is wonderful and exciting. :)

  13. Congrats, Jill! I know how hard you've worked and how long you've waited for this day. Live it up!


  14. Congratulations, Jill, and savor in the joy! I'm so excited for you.

    The trailer is lovely and I'm hooked!

    I adore historicals. Aside from my fascination with the past, I think my preference has a lot to do with crafting stories within the parameters of a specific time period (ie social mores, expectations, and historical events).

    srdietze at sbcglobal dot net

  15. Hi Jessica and Nicole. I'm so glad you are here to help me celebrate. Thanks for coming!

    Hey Susie!
    So glad you like the trailer. I didn't know that Realms was doing this so it's a nice surprise. Crafting stories within any time period that we haven't lived in is always going to be challenging isn't it? I guess because we can't visit the past in person we can do it via our stories. That's fun!

  16. Congratulations to you on this monumental day! I'm so excited for you that you stuck with it through the hard times!

    I'd love to win a copy.

    Christi Corbett

  17. It's beautiful, Jill! I would love to read it. Congratulations on the release!

  18. Hi Christi,
    Thanks for the congrats. It does make all those difficult days dim a bit and that's such a good feeling. Don't give up kiddo!

    Hi Ginny!
    Thanks so much! Way surreal yet, but it's starting to sink in. Do you remember that feeling when your first book released?

  19. Love the trailer, Jilly! It does, in fact, want me to buy your book and read it!!! Go girl!

  20. Hi Andrea!
    Thank You! I appreciate you popping in to help me celebrate. See you Friday over at Just The Write Charisma. :)

  21. So very excited for you! Blessings and much fruit from your labors!

  22. Hi Niki!
    Thank you! Praying for much fruit!:) So happy to see you here.

  23. Congratulations on the release of Secrets of the Heart! What an exciting time for you! Romantic suspense is my genre so I'd love to read it. I'm not much for trailers or reviews, but look more to friends' recommendations and what I know about the author. In this case it's all good. :)

    Wishing you blessings and much success.

    caroljgarvin [at] gmail [dot] com

  24. Hi Carol!
    Thanks for the congrats and blessings. Very much appreciated. I think you'll like it.

  25. this is such a great week for you! mother's day and debut launch date all in one! :) yay!

    the character therapist
    charactertherapist (at) hotmail (dot) com

  26. Hey Jeannie,
    It's been really fun and it's so nice just to take a breath and spend a special Sunday at home with my mom who lives with us. Even though she lives with us we all get lost in the day to day routine for running to work and errands and other obligations. And the sun is shining. What more can we want.:) Have a wonderful day just enjoying life.