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Friday, December 3, 2010

Good news for ebooks: the 82-year-old mother test

I enjoyed this post a lot. I still don't own a Kindle but when I read Kathryn Lilley's post over at the Kill Zone this week I thought it might be time I buy one of these and maybe I should get one for my mom first.

Do you own a Kindle? Do you like it? Would you buy one for an elderly parent who has difficulty reading?


  1. Great post. I would buy one for my grandma. She's into this tech stuff even more than me. She's 73 and she and Gramps just adopted a 7 year old. She's much younger than I am in mind, i think. She'd love this. THANKS!! I love the site design.

  2. Hi Bonnie,
    Sounds like you have some grandparents that are tireless. Adopted a 7 year old! They're brave too. :) Glad you like the site design. So are you going to buy a Kindle for yourself too? I think I'll wait till they get even cheaper.

  3. I'm younger than Kathryn's mother (and Bonnie's grandma), but am a grandma still in transition when it comes to the eReaders. I have the Kindle app on my laptop computer so I can have a quantity of books with me at any time, but I'm not ready to spend over $100 for something that I could misplace as easily as I misplace pocketbooks and is really only useful for reading books. Now, an iPad? It's too bad it's so expensive, but I'm going to start saving up for one. It has more versatility plus the eReader function. That's more useful to me.