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James Scott Bell/Blog Pick Friday

Friday, December 10, 2010

If you have never met James Scott Bell and you want to learn to write you must get aquainted. He visited my agent Rachelle Gardner's Blog yesterday so that made my pick for the week really easy. They are both awesome.  Agents Got Heart

And you have to read his latest book on writing. Awesome!

  And his latest novel.



  1. I met James Scott Bell at a conference this fall. I have his Art of War book and love it, but hearing him teach in person was wonderful. I also had a 'Blue Pencil' appointment with him to get his opinion on something, and his advice was so helpful. It's nice to find a Christian writer who has done so well in both the sacred and secular markets.

    I follow his blog and also his Sunday posts on the Kill Zone blog.

  2. Hi Carol,
    It's obvious we both recognize a good teacher! :) I was just reading The Art of War for Writers while I waited in a doctor's office this morning. I always keep that book in my purse so I can further educate myself when time opportunities become available. I love the smaller size of it. Very convenient.

    Thanks for dropping by Carol and have a great weekend!