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The Proof Is in the Pudding from Sunday Morning

Sunday, December 12, 2010

If you always wondered how the English make that Christmas pudding, figgy and otherwise, you must check this out. Happy Sunday. And if any of you have ever tried this please tell us your experience. :)

The Proof is in the Pudding


  1. Well, this might explain why I love fruitcake.
    I grew up with Plum Pudding as a holiday dessert. It's a steamed dark pudding and probably just as unrecognizable to most Americans as Yorkshire Pudding. I grew up with them because my mother and grandmother grew up with them. My kids have broken the cycle though.
    I'd love to make one and share it. Jilly, tell me you'd like plum pudding too, okay?

  2. Hey Deb,
    I missed your post. I would love to try that flaming pudding from Sunday Morning. I'm not sure I'd like it though, but I'd like a taste. Deb, I am not a fan of fruitcake! But there's something about the look of flaming brandy over Christmas pudding that draws me like a moth to flame. Pardon the cliche.:)